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Meet Aleya!

Hey friends! My name is Aleya (she/her). I’m currently based out of Prince Albert but grew up in Warman, SK. I am in my 3rd year medical school with the hope of matching to obstetrics and gynecology or rural family medicine next year.

I am a big advocate for getting outside and embracing nature. My primary interests include camping, rock climbing, and yoga. Over the past few years I have also gotten more involved in biking, canoeing, and snowboarding.

Growing up, my parents would take a week off each summer to take my brothers and myself out camping in Alberta or BC. I learnt how to pitch a tent and start a fire at a young age. In the summer of 2019 I had the opportunity to work as a tree planter in central BC and Alberta which involved living in a tent for 3 months, so I guess you could say I’m comfortable being out in the bush. The following year I worked at a zip lining park near Revelstoke, BC and spent the next year living out there. During my time in Revy I became immersed in nature and endless opportunities to climb, bike, and snowboard. As for yoga, it has been in my life for many years now. I find that it helps me reconnect with my body and cope with daily stressors.

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my love for nature and wellness!

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