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Warriors of the Wild was created to provide people in equity-deserving communities with opportunities to explore and connect with nature through unique outdoor experiences. We believe that nature has the power to encourage personal growth and healing, build self-confidence and instill a sense of belonging. 


We serve equity-deserving communities, including but not limited to people from low-income backgrounds, racialized communities, newcomers, 2SLGBTQIA+ groups, women, seniors, neurodivergent folks, and people with disabilities including substance use and other mental health disorders.  

Our organization believes in the importance of environmental stewardship. We encourage sustainable practices, promote conservation efforts, and cultivate a deep sense of respect and admiration for the natural world within the communities we serve.



At Warriors of the Wild, we're committed to ensuring equal access to transformative natural experiences.  We empower people from all backgrounds to connect with nature, recognizing its significance for personal growth & wellness and environmental sustainability.

Through community partnerships, volunteer expansion and further training, and developing specialized events and workshops,  we aim to become a leading organization in facilitating inclusive outdoor experiences, education, and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. 



Warriors of the Wild is a brand-new registered Saskatchewan non-profit organization.

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